Here's just a small sampling of how we've helped clients align their investing with their values over the years.


Calvert Investments invests in Presence Learning

The Impact Experience team works closely with Calvert Investments, and have helped identify and provide due diligence on more than 30 investments on behalf of Calvert's Board of Directors.

One such investment was PresenceLearning, a leader in online speech and occupational therapy for students in the K-12 market. Their mission is to make all kinds of online therapy practical, affordable and convenient for schools, school districts, and families with special needs children while providing an extraordinary therapy experience for each child. Their platform has delivered over 450,000 online sessions to-date. Students served by PresenceLearning therapists consistently exceed
national benchmarks for clinical progress, beating them by up to 13 percentage points.

Calvert Investments is an investment management company based in Bethesda, MD with approximately $13 billion in assets under management. It specializes in responsible and sustainable investing across global capital markets. Calvert serves all types of investors through its family of mutual funds and separate accounts. The investment into PresenceLearning was made through its Special Equities program, which invests in entrepreneurial companies and funds that generate sustainable solutions to pressing environmental and social problems.

Calvert Investments



Wallace Global Fund invests in Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund

Wallace Global Fund (WGF) engaged our team to:

  1. Tailor its impact investing guidelines for the private equity portion of its endowment, and
  2. Search for investment opportunities and performing investment due diligence on various opportunities in sectors of interest.

Impact Experience helped WGF develop and articulate guidelines. WGF looks specifically for investments that relate to women’s empowerment, sustainable technology & social justice and have a focus on underserved populations in emerging markets.

To meet their investment guidelines, we helped WGF identify and invest into Accion Frontier Inclusion Fund (AFIF). AFIF invests in disruptive technologies and business models that radically enhance the efficiency, reach, and scope of financial products and services for over 1 billion unbanked and underbanked people.  AFIF targets significant investment into emerging markets in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. These technologies stand to have a disproportionately positive impact on women, who constitute the majority of underbanked populations on which AFIF focuses. 

Wallace Global Fund is a foundation based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to promote an informed and engaged citizenry, to fight injustice, and to protect the diversity of nature and the natural systems upon which all life depends. WGF’s investment is part of its burgeoning “mission investing” program, headlined by its public commitment to divest fossil fuel stocks from its endowment and put that money towards clean energy.