Jeremy Sookhoo

Jeremy identifies and recommends high-impact investment opportunities to the Calvert Special Equities Board. Jeremy’s passion for social entrepreneurship started when he was an associate at the Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center. He brought this energy to Village Capital’s Tech4Impact accelerator program at IIM-Ahmedabad, India, where Jeremy was a consultant for a dozen enterprises, many of which have become successful pioneers in addressing India’s most pressing social challenges such as healthcare, education, and sanitation.

Before working in the impact investing sector, Jeremy helped ThinkNear, a hyperlocal advertising startup, deliver its first sales contracts before it became TechStars’ largest exit. He also worked for Capital One, where he used big data analytics and targeted marketing to accelerate its growth. Jeremy is from Modesto, California, and graduated with an Accounting degree from Brigham Young University, where he ran the anti-human trafficking program on campus.

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