By invitation, we partner with community leaders to facilitate experiences designed to generate trust, enhance strategy, and accelerate transformation.

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Our Approach

Each Learning Journey typically includes 20 participants and lasts for three days. To more intimately understand the challenges communities are facing, the expertly-facilitated process includes site visits and conversations with local leaders.

Participants include impact investors, philanthropists, nonprofit leaders, corporate executives, local community leaders, artists, and impact entrepreneurs. We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are critical in all aspects of the investment process — from who invests the money and who receives it, to how it is used and the impact it has. As such, each Impact Experience selects participants to ensure maximum diversity.

We tap into the expertise of each group to generate innovative solutions that accelerate a community’s transformation and create concrete action plans that get funding commitments right in the room. We incorporate elements from top social change strategists, systems transformation experts, somatic psychologists, organizational development consultants, and experiential learning curricula.

We believe music, art, and nature play an important and underutilized role in problem solving. Learning Journeys have a hefty focus on activities that activate the right brain and enable participants to feel fully engaged in the process. Wherever we go, we incorporate outdoor activities that inspire wonder and a deeper appreciation for the communities in which we work.