What Our Participants Say

They come from a rich diversity of backgrounds, but share a passion for working with communities and building a better world.



"My mind is still reeling from the experiences of this weekend, and the opportunities for doing good work together for the benefit of the Williamson community and beyond.
"Was so sad to have to leave before our final session together… [Our working group has] already scheduled a call to get going."
- Head of Training Development, SolarCity


"There’s wonderful synergy developing because, as much as we have all these differences, different backgrounds, different ages, coming from different countries, different industries, there are so many similarities because of the values that we recognize we share."
- Values-Led Sourcing Manager, Ben & Jerry's

Diversity of Perspectives

"I thought the way the event was structured to bring a group of people together, diverse in many way, and start by building trust and relating at a human level, rather than just at a technical level was really powerful and refreshing. I felt connected to others professionally, but also in a deeper way that I think could help our work together move more quickly and have more impact. I also felt that everyone's perspective and input was so valued, rather than focusing primarily on people in positions of authority." 
- Social Enterprise Manager, Mountain Association for Community and Economic Development

Trust Building

"Loved the methodology and team building exercises. It very closely mirrored my own trust building work and gave me some good thoughts on how to potentially deepen bonds between differing groups and move to collective action."
- Pastor for Children, New City Church; Director, Trust Talks


"I’ve spent so much time during the past two days sharing the impact of our journey with my family and colleagues because it was such an incredible experience, one that is sure to facilitate positive change not only in our communities, but also in our lives. Thank you ALL, from the bottom of my heart, for your contributions, for your passion, for your commitments, and most importantly, for your friendship!"
- Executive Director, Mingo County Redevelopment Authority