Community cannot for long feed on itself;
It can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond,
Their unknown and undiscovered brothers.

        - Howard Thurman

Impact Experience builds lasting relationships between investors, philanthropists, innovators, and leaders of marginalized communities — linking vision with action and directing investment to society’s most vulnerable.

Why We Are Different

We are rethinking and reimagining the way in which investors, innovators, and communities engage.

  • Local, place-based partners in every community who invite us in.
  • Rigorous focus on actionable outcomes that improve the community's future.
  • Trust-building and understanding is our primary intervention
  • World-class curriculum from leading academics and practitioners.
  • Radically inclusive gatherings that bring together diverse stakeholders and give a truly representative voice to the solutions each group creates.
  • Translate our values into the work that we carry forward.
  • Conversations that push participants to be more creative and innovative.
Our inaugural New Orleans cohort

Our inaugural New Orleans cohort