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“In my experience as an engineer, design thinker, and scientist, I rarely paid attention to bias because I did not see it. Many thanks to the Impact Experience organizers and the Stanford psychology department research team for their groundbreaking work. They have found a way to make the invisible visible.” - Ade Mabogunje, Senior Researcher, Stanford University

We are excited to share various ways individuals and organizations can actively engage and make a meaningful impact with our team and community.

Impact Engagements


Offered both online and in-person, Impact Engagements typically include 20 to 30 participants and last between one and a half to three days. Through a unique approach that combines systems transformation, organizational development, design thinking, and somatic psychology, Impact Engagements are expertly designed to inspire and equip participants with the skills and knowledge to drive positive change. Impact Engagements are designed to bring together individuals from varied backgrounds to synergistically co-facilitate solutions for issues faced by marginalized communities.

  • Who Should Join:

    • Participants include: impact investors, philanthropists, nonprofit leaders, corporate executives, local community leaders, students, government officials, artists, and impact entrepreneurs.

  • How to Join:

    • Individuals: Join one of our open invite Impact Engagements.

    • Organizations: Partner with Impact Experience to curate an Impact Engagement for your internal team or for a community you want to deepen your engagement with or begin a new partnership

    • Sponsors: Fund an Impact Engagement

Please contact our team directly for more information on pricing and organizing an Impact Engagement

Impact X


Expanding upon our Impact Engagements, Impact X is the umbrella under which we provide a range of services that encompass diverse approaches, all aimed at fostering bridge-building and deepening relationships.


  • Incubator Program: Join our incubator program to transform your ideas, projects, and initiatives into tangible outcomes. Take advantage of our specialized guidance, extensive resources, and valuable network to expedite your ability to make a difference. This program equips participants with the necessary resources and planning tools to effectively guide individuals and teams in transforming their ideas into tangible steps toward creating a positive impact on the world. Click here to contact our team and learn more. 


  • Facilitation: With a collective experience of over 60 years, our team excels in conducting workshops and discussions on racial and gender bias. Engage our team to present and lead captivating and stimulating talks at conferences, seminars, and various events to inspire action. Contact our team to learn more about our pricing and availability.

  • Impact Bootcamps: Offered online and in-person, these bootcamps span from half a day to a full day and are designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills related to equity and access across the investment, environment, education, and healthcare industries. The Bootcamp Engagements facilitate learning and interaction with a wide array of individuals with an aim to emerge with tangible skills and a network that promotes the practical application of their expertise for social impact.

    • Who Should Join
      • Impact Bootcamps are designed for investors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, advocates, educators, and community leaders.
    • How to Join


Curriculum and Content Development


We offer customized curriculum and content development services to organizations and educational institutions. Our team collaborates closely with clients to design and deliver impactful learning content aligned with their specific needs, audiences, and objectives.




The Impact Experience team hosts and produces a podcast focused

       on highlighting issues of gender and racial inequity across the investment, environment,

       health, and education industries. In this series, we engage with thought leaders, industry

       pioneers, and change agents to uncover the transformative efforts of organizations that are

       making a real difference in their local and larger communities. By highlighting their success

       stories, challenges, and lessons learned, we aim to inspire and equip listeners with the

       knowledge and tools to effect positive change in the world. Join the conversation here.

  • Be a guest on the podcast

  • Become a sponsor

  • Listen

  • Share with your network

For more information on how you can get involved or discuss specific partnership opportunities, please contact Ola Allen- Taylor at

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