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Please check out our Medium Blog Post with our reflections on various aspects of our work with Impact Experience including climate resiliency, opportunity zones and much more. 





The Power of Collaboration

Read the article on Alexandra Court’s blog Invest for Good


Why Greater Social Cohesion is the “Moonshot” for the Future of Finance and How to Get There

By Jenna Nicholas and Erina McWilliam-Lopez


Meet the 2020 Grist 50 - Jenna Nicholas

Each year, the nonprofit media organization Grist searches high and low for the most inspiring innovators and do-ers working on fresh solutions to the planet’s biggest problems. The result is a collection of 50 Fixers working to build a sustainable world that works for everyone. Solutions come in many shapes and sizes: exciting technologies, smart campaigns, forward-thinking legislation, innovative products, courageous organizations. Fixers vary, too; they include farmers, entrepreneurs, comedians, activists, scholars, scientists, and more.ere


The Vital Need for Energy Equity in Atlanta

CITIES ACROSS THE WORLD are committing to using 100% clean energy. Achieving the goal might feel like a long way off, but more than 100 U.S. cities have already committed and six cities – Aspen, Colorado; Burlington, Vermont; Georgetown, Texas; Greensburg, Kansas; Rock Port, Missouri; and Kodiak Island, Alaska – have already reached it.


Meet The Stanford MBA CEO Making A Social Impact

Social impact has been at the heart of Jenna Nicholas’ approach to life since she was a child. Born in New York but raised in London, she became part of the Bahá'í Faith during her formative years, a religion founded on the unity and equality of all people. 


Social Entrepreneurship for the Future of Work: Co-creating a Healthier Economy & Workforce in Williamson, West Virginia

The Next Generation of Work is a collection of 15 perspectives from youth around the world. Each perspective outlines evidence-based assessments of topics around United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 8, while also outlining recommendations for policy leaders.


How Stanford GSB Alumni Are Helping an Appalachian Town Move Beyond Coal..

Social entrepreneurs Daryn Dodson, MBA ’07, and Jenna Nicholas, MBA ’17, are building a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world — one community at a time | April 5, 2019


Jenna Nicholas, Founder of Impact Experience has been selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Social Entrepreneurs

Jenna Nicholas is the founder of Impact Experience, which identifies problems plaguing marginalized communities (with help from local leaders) and then partners with philanthropists and investors to make a measurable difference


An Opportunity for Higher Ed: Opportunity Zones can boost local economies – and give colleges and universities a chance to push for social change.

Many Americans are just learning about "Opportunity Zones" – the latest economic development tool to fight urban decay. Under the program, the IRS offers investors tax savings on capital gains if they invest in projects in one of the 8,700 economically distressed communities selected by U.S. governors and certified by the U.S. Treasury. | Feb 2019


The Echoing Green 2018 Fellows

Before you can change the world, you must first believe it to be possible. The 35 newest Echoing Green Fellows have visions of a more equitable and sustainable world and bold new ideas for driving us forward. | Jun 2018


Unity and Truth: Co-creating Solutions with Marginalized Communities

A group of thirty people gathered in Williamson, in southern West Virginia, two years ago, for a five-day Impact Experience to help revitalize this struggling coal-mining area | May 2018


Daryn Dodson: Tackling investors’ racial and gender biases to unlock hidden value

Illumen Capital trains investors and fund managers — including impact investors — to overcome their blind spots | February 2018


Impact Experience in the Financial Times

Stanford regains the top MBA ranking spot | January 2018


Creating a new future - bridging marginalized communities into impact investing, SDG Media Zone (18-22 September 2017)

22 Sep 2017 -  Speakers: Mr. Zac Russell (Russell Family Foundation), Ms. Radhika Shah, (Co-President to Stanford Angels and Entrepeneurs)
Moderator: Ms. Jenna Nicholas


Understanding Marginalized Communities’ Funding Needs

Using local knowledge to help plan effective, caring partnerships | August 2017


Clear Admit

Stanford GSB Social Impact Student Leaders Honored | June 2017


Stanford Medicine

Health Care in Communities | May 2017

Read More

Healthy in the Hills

2017 Rural Health Practitioner of the Year | May 2017


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Impact Experience CEO Wins Stanford Social Innovation Fellowship | May 2017


Williamson Daily News

Impact Experience in Williamson | Apr 2017



Impact Experience CEO Runs Investing Trip to W. Virginia | Aug. 2016


TEDx Portland

Divest-Invest & the Future of New Energy Solutions | July 2015


Kellogg MBA

3 Ways to Become a More Effective Impact Investor | July 2015

There aren't many times where I can look back at an experience and feel like I've been part of something that's going to change the world.


Impact Experience really understands what the needs of a community are.



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