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“The Health Equity Impact Experience was an immersive, deeply connecting, and consequential experience. It provided high quality information and insight, shared with us by community leaders, medical practitioners, and scholars alike, wrapped in context, meaning, and art, turning the firehose of information into actionable knowledge. The ripples of this event will be felt far and wide. I am inspired by the conversations we had, the people I met, and the work that each individual and the group as a community is doing to advance health equity.”  - Sofia Carlton, PhD, Senior Scientist, EVELO



The Impact Experience team host ongoing Health Equity Impact Experiences. Leaders from medicine, biopharma, health plans, public health departments and financial firms as well as from community-based and philanthropic healthcare organizations come together to explore implicit bias,  deepen understanding of structural racism and co-create solutions to challenges to be implemented within their organizations.  In partnership with Nina Kjellson, General Partner at Canaan and Health Innovator Fellow with the Aspen Institute, Impact Experience provides integrated data and storytelling as participants explore the ways in which structural bias continues to influence healthcare outcomes.


The foundation for the Health Equity Impact Experience is grounded in Montgomery, Alabama a city with deep historical roots in the Atlantic and domestic slave trade and one of the birthplaces of the Civil Rights movement. 

During the Health Equity Impact Experience, provocateurs provide the foundation of engagement around the unique and nuanced challenges and opportunities within the healthcare industry. The convergence of data and experience sheds light on long-standing, systemic biases that perpetuate adverse health outcomes for people of color. By deepening the understanding of the legacy of slavery, racial terror, government-sponsored compulsory sterilization, medical violence, and present-day manifestations of the structures that continue to uphold and perpetuate inequity and injustice within our healthcare systems and communities, participants build a community and support system in order to catalyze future programs and interventions.



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